A Virtual Food Hall

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About us


Sous Vide Kitchen on the cutting edge of technology and the first of its kind in New York City. 

As guests browse through the beautifully photographed dishes they can place orders for ALL of the offerings in one self-order kiosk. This solves the classic food hall dilemma where guests are forced to wait in different lines to enjoy items from various eatery’s.


At Sous Vide Kitchen groups can order, pay, and receive their meals at the same time. The ordering process is seamless; guests can scan an item from the grab and go cooler – add it to their order - and pay for everything using a credit card. Guests are alerted that their order is ready via text message.


All of the brands within the food hall utilize sous vide cooking as the main method of preparation.  Sous vide is a method of cooking where items are cooked at a precise temperature, ensuring foods are perfectly cooked, healthier and safer.